01 The Little Prince; four songs

02 Crazy Jane and the Bishop

03 Crazy Jane Reproved

04 Crazy Jane on the Day of Judgment

05 Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop

06 Crazy Jane and Jack the Journeyman

07 Crazy Jane on God

08 Crazy Jane and the Bishop

09 Crazy Jane Reproved

10 Crazy Jane on the Day of Judgment

11 Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop

12 Crazy Jane and Jack the Journeyman

13 Crazy Jane on God

14 Cold Mountain Songs 1

15 Cold Mountain Songs 2

16 Cold Mountain Songs 3

17 Cold Mountain Songs 4

18 Man Ought to Sit Quiet as Bird on Bough

19 We Pushed and Heaved

20 The Town of American Visions

21 The Springfied of the Far Future

22 Sing On, Sing On, You Gray-brown Bird

23 Allons! The Road is Before Us

24 Come Said the Muse

25 Five Orchestral Songs 1

26 Five Orchestral Songs 2

27 Five Orchestral Songs 3

28 Five Orchestral Songs 4

29 Five Orchestral Songs 5

30 Remnants 1

31 Remnants 2

32 Remnants 5

33 Remnants 6

34 Remnants 7

35 Remnants 8

36 Remnants 9

37 _1_ Summer Holiday

38 _2_ The Place for No Story

39 _3_Boats in a Fog

40 _4_ The Bed By the Window

41 _5_ Return

42 Billy Boy

43 The Curtains of Night

44 The Old Ship of Zion

45 The Colorado Trail

46 A Life on the Ocean Wave

47 Brave Wolfe

48 Polly Wolly Doodle

49 The Little Turtle

50 The Cow

51 Mix a Pancake

52 A Boy’s Song

53 Snowflakes

54 An Explanation of the Grasshopper

55 Extremes

56 The Moon’s the North Wind’s Cooky

57 Tom Beatty

58 Fiddler Jones

59 Pastoral

60 Masters & The Devil to Pay 10_25_11 10_34 AM

61 _3_18_11 2_17 PM

62 _5 New

63 Don Cobb and Larry London 3_9_12 10_55 AM

2 thoughts on “Recordings

  1. Very moving to hear Don singing some of these songs. I only listened to the Edgar Lee Masters songs (because I am currently working on them). Hearing the passion in his voice as he sings the vocal line, and then hearing him sing along as he plays the piano accompaniment…. sing because he HAS to….(he no longer cares about the recording)….. the essence of the poems brought into relief by the music, leapt out at me, unforgettable and alive. Thank you Mike for posting them, and thank you Steve, for getting the recording to begin with- and sending them to Mike. I am struck with what a deep reflection of Don all these song cycles are. (It’s obvious, and still astonishing.) And what insight this one especially sheds on how he approached his death. I look forward to listening to everything on the site, but in small doses. Right now this is all I can manage. I am completely immersed in learning all the songs, including The Whitman cycle and the Gary Snyder songs too. I wish I could sing them for him. Even that hyper sensitive critic I think would like what I’m doing with them! Well, maybe it’s enought that I LIKE IT.

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